Best Apps to Customize Android. You can change the look of your android phone by customizing it. There are lots of apps are available on play store to customize your Android Phone but in this article, I am showing you the Best Apps to Customize Android.

All of the apps are easy to use and these apps can help you to change the overall look of your android phone.


Best Apps to Customize Android | 10 Apps to Customize Android

Let’s start off with some kW GT packs first one is Exquigets. We’re looking at over 83 different widgets and a surprising amount of wallpapers there are nearly 50 to choose from. Each widget is very well made you can really see the attention to detail. And there are tons of different types to choose from. You are sure to find something that fits your setup.


Best Apps to Customize Android

The second pack in my list of best apps to customize android is skyline this pack is so good. This pack is heavily inspired by Google’s material design and features about 50 different widgets. With more on the way and they provide you with some of the most versatile widgets you can find. There is a widget for everything in here they’re well made bright and colourful. They’ll definitely add a vivid punch to your setup.

Enix Icon Pack

Best Apps to Customize Android 10 Apps to Customize Android

Next, let’s take a look at a couple of icon packs the first one is called Enix. I finally decided to give this one a try. After having it on my place to a wishlist for the longest time and I’m very glad that I did not only. Is it a great pack but it’s a new staple in my growing list of favourites and it’s the one. I’m using in my current setup this ever-growing collection of icons. It stands at over 1100 icons along with a handful of wallpapers to match. The icons themselves are shapeless they’re crisp super vibrant and they’d actually go very well with the skyline widgets.

Candy cons Unwrapped

Best Apps to Customize Android (2019) | 10 Apps to Customize Android

Now the second icon pack is called candy cons unwrapped. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the super popular candy cons. This is made by that same developer and these are it states in the Play Store listing designed from scratch and sweeter than ever.

So when I came across these I knew I had to share them with you guys as of now we’re looking at over six hundred and sixty icons and Counting along with over ten wallpapers with Musee support.

When I first started checking out the icons I had to let out a big Wow. Candy cons was already a favourite of mine but this new and improved version with a new colour palette looks really nice it’s even got a set of icons specifically made for the dock.


Now if you’re looking for a quick way to steam your device in you want to skip past. the manual widget and icon setup make sure you check out KLWP and this theme called gradient. This theme preset aims to provide a look that goes beyond flat minimal material design we’re looking at three main panels a home panel with a search bar a few apps and shortcuts a page dedicated to your favourite apps and an app drawer shortcut and a media controls panel in addition to those you also have this quick access panel with even more shortcuts. Since this is using KL WP you can customize everything to your liking but on its own, this is a great theme I think you should check out.

Full-screen gestures

Next on the list of Best Apps to Customize Android is full-screen gestures. You can swipe in from the left the right or bottom edge of the display to perform different actions of your choosing you can customize each edge trigger size and sensitivity and you can even add a longer swipe for an additional function. You can use this to open applications you can use it to take screenshots open shortcuts and much more. This is a very useful tool that adds more easy-to-use navigation to your phone’s user experience.

LED Keyboard

Next, we’ve got a third-party keyboard called led keyboard. If you’re a fan of gaming keyboards and RGB keyboards, in general, you’ll definitely get a kick out of this there are 17 different themes to choose from and each theme has its own unique look and special effect. Along with all of the themes as a keyboard, this works great too with all your usual settings like auto-correction sound and vibrate on keypress show number row and more. There are even a couple mechanical keyboard sound effects along with a number of odd quirky ones too the application does have ads but if you can look past those I think you’ll like what you see with these themes it’s pretty neat stuff.

Ever Pics Wallpapers

This is a free wallpaper app that comes loaded with hand-picked super crisp wallpapers for your home screen it’s got a large number of wallpapers nicely separated into different categories. When you go to view a wall you can preview it on a lock or home screen you can favourite it you can download it straight to your device and another cool thing is that this app comes with an automatic wallpaper changer you use the walls that you’ve downloaded and favourited and you have the ability to adjust the cycle duration. Overall this is a well-made nicely put together app and I’m sure you’ll get something out of it.


Simply put this live wallpaper is a touch-responsive mix of colours animations are buttery smooth and it does pretty well to not completely drain your battery. $0.99 gets you access to all of the additional settings like colour customization you can choose from a handful of presets too if you’d like and you can adjust the FPS as well. It’s got a little bit of a different look but overall I think it looks great and it’s fun to mess around with.

Energy Ring

Best Apps to Customize Android | 10 Apps to Customize Android

The tenth app in my list of Best Apps to Customize Android is Energy Ring. This one’s for my Galaxy S 10 users out there this app is called energy ring and it places a ring of light around the camera cutout and it displays how much battery life your phone has left. The settings let you take control of the rings starting point its thickness its transparency its direction and its colours for different percentages, it’ll even let you choose an animation for when the phone is charging this is a really neat way to take advantage of that camera cutout and add a unique look to your phone.

AMOLED walls

The eleven application in that list is called AMOLED walls and as the name suggests if you’ve got an AMOLED display this is the app to download because it has a wide plethora of collection of amazing wallpapers.


Second up we’ve got wall drobe and if you like photography and pictures that are not abstract or created through Photoshop or something like that but actual pictures then wall drobe is the application for you. This is the list of Best Apps to Customize Android.

Axis home

The next application that is in this list is named Axis home. Axis home basically the combination of launchers and wallpapers. In this app, you get a lot of customization options. The wallpapers in this app will be found in png file format so the image quality of wallpapers is in HD. You can find a lot of wallpapers in the Theme Store of this application.

Alpha Hybrid Launcher

Last application on this list of best apps to customize Android is Alpha Hybrid Launcher. In this app, you get a lot of themes but some of them are paid. The theme that comes with this Launcher is also great. You can customize it too. The free version of this app show ad that is the negative point of this app.