In this article, we’re gonna be counting down our top picks for the top 10 apple arcade games that are actually worth playing and if you don’t know apple arcade is a new gaming subscription service that will eventually provide access to over a hundred games for iPhones Ipads Macs and Apple TV devices. It costs $5 per month for an entire family and your first month is free.

Frogger in Toy Town

Starting off at number 10 on over list of Apple Arcade Games we have Frogger in toy town. This game is similar to most other mobile puzzle games and each stage has three tasks that you need to complete to collect coins. Two of the tasks almost always revolve around saving a certain number of froglets while the third is usually level-specific sometimes you have to avoid taking damage other times you have to avoid being hit by a certain hazard. It can be trouble someone hazards start to stack up because if you do take a hit any froglets you’ve rescued will scatter to the wind the levels are short so it’s not the biggest of deals to just start over once you take your first bit of damage.

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Super Impossible Road

Moving on to number nine on this list of Apple Arcade Games we have super impossible Road super impossible Road has you covered both for couch and online play up to four players can race against each other using split-screen and a silky smooth 60 frames per second and when it’s time to step it up and compete against the rest of the world up to eight players can race against each other online. Level up your skills in career mode and which you’re challenged by a series of races and trials when you’re finished you’ll have the strategy and experience to take on the best pilots TimeGate mode challenges you to reach gates and earn time extensions this means taking a huge risk as the timer runs down to zero.

Skate City

Coming in at number eight we have scape city if you’re looking for something more chill skate city should be on your playlist. This game is dripping with warm California sunshine colours and it’s easy to pull off all sorts of tricks from Ollie’s to grinds but it’s also easy to fall so this one will take some time to practice sadly before this game it was hard to find in-depth skating games on the App Store skate city changes this upbringing you classic environments that are perfect for nailing lots of different tricks this game is much better to be played with a controller to achieve more tricky manoeuvres on the skateboard.

Where Cards Fall

Next up number seven, we have on this list of Apple Arcade Games is where cards fall this is an isometric puzzle game set in a dreamlike world you’ll be tasked with helping a young boy traverse this world by building various constructs with cards by dragging them around the area. This can be used to help him reach other parts of the level or even to build a shop that you can pop into inside these various buildings which can include a coffee shop or a record store you can head inside and grab a beverage or listen to some tunes. This means that you’re not just creating a path to the end of each stage you’re creating a little world to explore.

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Sayonara Wild Hearts

Moving on to number six you have sayonara wild hearts. sayonara, wild hearts tells the story of a young woman who experiences devastating heartbreak and in the wake of that discovers a much larger framework to the universe that she must navigate in order to restore its balance. You control her as she runs flies or drives through a series of levels each part of the game is set to a different song that matches the mood of a particular encounter you are on the rails the entire time reacting to the world around you as zooms past you avoiding obstacles aiming for collectable hearts to rack up points and pressing a button in time to jump to a new platformer attack an enemy.

Sonic Racing

Moving on to number five on this list of Apple Arcade Games we have sonic racing. This is a gorgeous arcade racer full of blistering races mind-bending tracks this new idea that makes cooperation fun the story of its adventure mode certainly leaves plenty to be desired the focus is exactly where should be. The pure unadulterated speed that makes Sonic so iconic whether you’re drifting around corners to build up your booster meter hitting pads as you rock it around tracks or gliding through a teammate slipstream sonic racing continuously pushes the speed limit every race is a non-stop search for ways to go even faster and the entire team system is built around keeping your group travelling as a single fast-moving unit.

Shinsekai Into the Depths

Next up at number 4 we have Shinsekai Into the Depths this game doesn’t include much text or audio and the narrative is basically presented entirely through your interaction with the world and it tells you the story of the last survivor. The human race is pretty much done for and you just keep dwelling deeper and deeper in terms of gameplay the entire experience feels like a console game there are tons of things you have to keep track of in order to survive in the perilous depths of the ocean from your oxygen reserves to the pressure resistance level of your diving suit.

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LEGO Brawls

Coming in at number 3 we have lego brawls you’ll create and customize your own unique Lego characters from a diverse variety of options team collaboration will play an important role in this game as well as players do their best to battle it out across some of the most iconic locations and the classic lego themes including the world of ninja go each stage in the game will bring new challenges objectives and power-ups for players to build since this is a game set in the Lego world players will be using bricks to build epic power-ups such as a pie launch or money guns snake car jetpacks and even hotdog stands and use them as weapons. Apple Arcade Games.

Hot Lava

Next up at number 2 we have hot lava hot lava is all about imagination and flawless timing players put themselves directly into the imagination of a young child this young child is a massive fan of a 90 style Saturday morning cartoon named the global action team as they liven up their own life by imagining the heroes bounding their way around their everyday life you take on the role of one of these heroes racing around environments like shops to gems and parks all while trying to avoid the floor I played a couple of hours of hot lava and I quite enjoyed the game it’s not like a traditional platformer because the path that you must take isn’t always obvious.

Oceanhorn 2

Finally number one on this of Apple Arcade Games we have ocean horn 2. ocean horn 2 Knights of the Lost rum to takes place in the same fantasy world as the previous game of the series ocean horn you play as a young ambitious boy who trains very hard in order to become a knight of Arcadia set a thousand years before the events of the first chapter this one takes you on a magical journey across the vast world of Gaia brimming with mythology and lore a young knight faces an impossible challenge as a warlock mess Murad has returned with the formidable dark army you won’t be able to take this journey alone Trin the granddaughter of Arcadia’s leader Archimedes and Jen a mysterious robot wielding an old samurai weapon will join forces with you and fight at your side against a Messimer odds dark army. So, Guys, this is the list of Top 10 Apple Arcade Games.

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