Best Animes 2019. Well, this list will be looking at the series that managed to climb atop the pile and reach the pinnacle of Awesomeness this year. We’re looking for incredible animation compelling narratives characters that continue to stick with us and anything that made our otaku hearts swell. New properties and sequel series of both fair game now let’s usher in the new year with a bang.

10. Dororo

Number 10 we have on this list of Best Animes 2019 is Dororo. A tale of deals demons and one crippled warrior desire to reclaim what was stolen from him. Adapted from Osamu Tezuka’s legendary manga yukimaru and Darrow’s journey to get his body back piece by piece from shape-shifting demons. Simply didn’t shy away from the bloodshed all the brutality that licks within the hearts of man. Whether you were captivated by yukimaru’s struggled to retain his humanity both physically and spiritually all you just couldn’t get enough of the visceral action at the very least this beautiful blood spray of a series succeeded in doing the og mangaka’s work justice.

9. The promised never learned

Number nine the promised never learned. What was supposed to be a paradise for a group of young orphans quickly devolves into a fight for survival when Emma Norman and Rhea discovered that they along with the rest of the children are being raised like cattle for the monsters just beyond the borders of their home. With no one to trust and no way to defend themselves escape becomes the only option. Bringing a fresh angle to the horror anime the tension here is expertly woven all held together by the enduring spirit of its young leaves as they battle against both time and those that once claimed to love them. Best Animes 2019.

8. My hero academia season four

Number eight we have on this list of Best Animes 2019 is my hero academia season four. It had some fierce competition but once again this stupendous superhero Shonen has gone plus ultra and secured itself a spot as one of this year’s best with all mites out of commission society gradually shifting towards the chaotic side of the spectrum and villains coming out of every crack it forced a decade to finally step up onto the world stage like a pro hero. Now under the tutelage of all Mike’s former psychic and his overly optimistic protege Mio Tominaga Karim. Of course, not even that is enough to prepare the young fanboy when he finds himself clashing with overhaul. The Yakuza who even has the league of villains quaking in their boots.

7. Fire force

Number seven fire force. Are you ready to feel the burn then prepare yourself for a blazing extravaganza this sees fully armed firefighters roasting the bejesus out of hellish entities? Jokes aside this latest myriad of madness straight from the guy who gave us soul eater is a damn good time. In order to discover the truth about his family’s murder new recruit Shinra joins the noble yet underfunded company eighths and as such is immediately flung into an investigation surrounding the truth behind spontaneous human combustion as well as potential corruption within the fire force ranks his answer to this kicking a lot of faces with his flaming footwork. The show honestly doesn’t get enough credit for how much asset kicks so watch it.

6. Dr. stone

Number six dr. stone. Turns out that there’s nothing that can’t be overcome when you’ve got science on your side mankind has inexplicably turned into statues break free using the power of science you now stranded several thousand years in the future where civilization as you know it has collapsed rebuild it using science one of the resurrected youngsters is planning to create a new haven free of adults and ruled by strength alone can bat it with science. This is pretty much the world’s thank you now inhabits using his ingenious mind to not only survive but get humanity on the fast dragged back to reclaiming its former technological glory. Best Animes 2019.

5. Vinland Saga

What Bezique did for dark fantasy Finland has done for historical epics yeah is that good as the war between the Danes and the English continues to escalate various factions soon start to play their hands each vying for either power or vengeance including Torf in our broken and misguided lead who stands at the center of the conflict. With medieval battles that in no way skip out on the savagery political duplicity and treachery around every corner not to mention the bloodthirsty yet lovely charming talk L thrown into the mix this truly is one of modern animes biggest triumph.

4. Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Number 4 Best Animes 2019 is Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba. There’s a reason this series hit the mainstream in such a spectacular fashion thanks to you fo table and their unlimited budget they managed to give us what might be the next big show named after his family is slaughtered and his sister is transformed into a demon tan Jerome finds himself taking up the sword as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps all in the hope he can find a way to save his beloved sibling from her affliction. With a ragtag unit of lovable and equally badass supporting characters, we can’t wait for the next installment aboard the Infinity Train.

3. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Number three Best Animes 2019 is the rising of the shield hero. In the midst of what feels like an everlasting waterfall of Issa guy. There’s been a singular bright spot a series that would then go on to soar far above the others. As one of the best he’s a guy in recent memory and boy is it a dark one after being transported to a fantasy world.

As one of these supposed for legendary heroes now whom he finds himself disgraced and discarded. When a royal conspiracy leads to him being falsely accused of a heinous act. How ironic that the only one capable of protecting the kingdom from itself and outside threats is the shield hero himself.

2. Mob Psycho 100 2

Number two mob psycho 100 2. We knew this Esper’s second outing was gonna be good we just didn’t know it was gonna be this good. With all the hearts that made mob and his unorthodox escapades so captivating to begin with this sequel series turned up the dial way beyond a hundred regarding its telekinetic beatdowns and mind-bending visuals.

The battles are truly insane but as always the ones holding it all together. A mob and Reagan who’s ever-evolving friendship is as hilarious as it is delightful. You will not find more lovable dogs than these two. Best Animes 2019

1. Attack on Titan season 3 part 2

Number one Best Animes 2019 is an attack on Titan season 3 part 2. It shouldn’t be possible for a show to be able to continue to sustain this much hype and yet with season three’s conclusion Eren and the rest of the survey Corps completely broke – the anime scene with the sheer scale of their counter-attack against the Beast Titan and his forces.

She’ll talk about where do we even start you’ve got Levi ripping Zika new one Armin rising up to the challenge of leading his story is still parading the best girl banner even Aaron had his very own personal revelation during that oddly serene ending on the beach. Best Animes 2019.


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