In this article, I will show you the top five best Android emulators for PC. We might come across with several uses of Android emulators. Android emulators are a great way to access Android apps to the PC. We can also play all of the indoor games straight on our PC with Android emulators. We use keyboard mouse and game controllers besides games we can also play all of our favorite Android applications.

Android emulators are very fast and even more efficient than Android mobile devices and tablets. So it depends upon the system specification and compatibility. We have so many Android emulators to choose wraithy of best Android emulators for PC. You can find now it’s a question which Android emulators to choose that provides us a great experience for Android gaming and excess of Android applications. We will test in this Article which features are available for specific Android emulators. It’s stability user-friendly experience easy to use overall user experience.

Best Android Emulators For PC

5. MEMU Player

MEMU Emulator Best Android Emulators For PC

Coming at number five on the list of best Android emulators for PC is the MEMU player. This is an absolutely free Android emulator. MIMU Android emulator sports in droid apps up to 7.1 Android version. One of the great things that I really like about this application is that. It sports multiple instances mean it sports multiple applications simultaneously.

These emulators force along with a mouse keyboard and with a gamepad. MIMU player is totally free to use all of the options, that are commonly familiar to use are at the right side of this emulator. In order to have a multi-tasking in this emulator select this multi menu icon in this window at the bottom you will see a new option now it’s your choice you can pick either Android 4.4 or default Android 7.1.

Android 7.1 is the newest so I would recommend you select that one. Then you need to click on the start so then it will open a new window for MIMU. So now you can have your apps running simultaneously on your MIMU Android emulator.

4. KO Player

KO Player Best Android Emulators For PC

Number four on the list of Best Android Emulators For PC is KO player. This Ko player Android emulator is really best for gaming. The best thing that I really like is that it allows you to record your gameplays and upload it wherever you want. Especially if you are having a gaming channel on YouTube it is really best suitable for you.

When you open this ko player Android emulator the main interface is pretty awesome. I am using the KO player 2.0 version this is the latest version. On the left side of this KO player emulator, you will find several options that are most commonly used. At the top, you will find the keyboard option and the number second you will find Shake option and number third you will have an option for landscape or portrait option. You can simply portrait landscape or from landscape to portrait.

KO player allows a key mapping feature that allows you to control which you came controller or keyboard. Click on this keyboard option on the upper left corner of the screen you will have an option for keyboard and joysticks. So it’s your choice which one you would like to prefer. For example, if you click on a keyboard at the bottom you will see button added nowhere you have an option to customize your keys to your desired preference.

3. BlueSack

Blue stack Best Android Emulators For PC

Coming at number three on the list of Best Android Emulators For PC is BlueStacks. This is the best android emulator for all of the android games and applications. Recently we got update 4.5 for a blue stack which is the most stable released update. This emulator sports keyboard mouse and game controllers, it can allow multiple apps simultaneously. The main interface of this emulator is really awesome this emulator was recently updated to Android no gate. This emulator is specially designed for gamers. If you look at the interface of the app center of this emulator. It categorized the apps in the popular top grossing and trending on the right.

If you need any help you can go to the Help Center where you will find all of the useful tips and all of the installation guides of this blue stack four Android emulators. It can play multiple apps at the same time, unlike other emulators it may not run smoothly if you have a PC with lower system specification and if you may running all PC.

Same like other Android emulators it contains a fully loaded Google Play Store. That allows you to access all of the android apps. You may also have a blue stacks store available where you can make purchases of blue snacks skin. Gaming Mouse and much other stuff. Depends upon your level of a blue stick with your points you may have redeemed option then you would be able to buy some goods from this android emulator. Blue stacks are totally free Best Android Emulators for you but you may face some of the ads which vary with your region.

2. Andy

Andy Best Android Emulators For PC (2020)

Number 2 on the list of Best Android Emulators For PC is Andy. It is one of the popular Android emulator it is being around for many years. This emulator is recently updated to version 7.2. It has a bundle of amazing features one of the features that I really like most in this emulator is. That you can control this emulator from a game controller on your mobile.

Andy emulator is totally safe to you it contains built-in antivirus it depends upon which type of apps you would like to prefer. Unlike other Android emulators, its interface totally seems like an Android phone. if you hold down the left click on your mouse then you will have these certain options for wallpaper change, widgets, and settings. This is one of the easiest Android emulators. Unlike other android emulators, Andy is totally free to use that contains some ads inserted by the developers like other Android emulators. For the sake of any business, you will have to pay $12 per month for provision.

1. Nox Emulator

Number one on the list of Best Android Emulators For PC is the Nox Android emulator. This is one of the best Android emulators that I personally like. I have been using this emulator for a long time. This Android emulator is really awesome to use for the excess of all android games and applications. On the very right side of this emulator, you will find all of the most commonly used options. You will find many more options in this android emulator. t the top near to the App Center you will see a shirt icon that is for the team when you click on that you have an option for Teamcenter you have the option to apply themes on this emulator so it’s your choice which team you would like to prefer.

One of the great things that I really like in this emulator you have root access in this emulator. When you go to the settings in a general setting you have an option to root access when you click on root then you have to click on save settings then it will ask you about restart now. When you click on restart now you were in Android emulator will become rooted and then you will be able to access all of the rooted android application on this in Android emulator. So after restart now your Nox in android emulator has become rooted. Now you are able to axis all of the rooted android applications on this Nox Android emulator. Nox player is totally free to use like another Android emulator it’s also available on Mac OS.