More and more video games are becoming an important part of our day to day life because, in addition to entertaining us, it connects us with millions of people worldwide. We have seen how they have evolved from our consoles to mobile phones, with Battle Royale- type games, specifically for Android devices, having a great boom and relevance. Games like Pubg MobileFortniteCall of Duty are part of that show of how games, connection and telephony, join in a fashion that is capitalized among the gamer. But what are the Best Battle Royale games?

Basically, they are a great number of players that are fighting in the same scene, type all against all; or in groups, where the last standing or the best result is the winner, while the battlefield is shrinking with the passage of time. Each player appears at a random point with basic equipment that can be increased while touring the territory. Speaking of territory, these maps are large; unlike the classic shooter, and the random appearance of the items, which makes each game different. Now let’s get to know the 10 best Battle Royale games for Android.

1. PUBG Mobile

On number one in my list of Best Battle Royale Games is Pubg mobile. It is a mobile shooter game of the hit game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the consoles, which came for the fun of the mobile world, this is one of the multiplayer action launches of the moment, it is in the download top, it was released on March 20 of 2018 on the Android platform, and from there it has taken over our mobile screens, following the evolution of the consoles and PC, offers pleasant moments while fighting in an open world against a large number of players with a single purpose, be the last and the best.

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2. Fortnite

It is the most famous game of the Battle Royale at the moment, being the leader of downloads in Android. At first, the theme was about a group of human-controlled survivors who come together to fight against zombie attacks that want to conquer the earth. One detail is that players are assigned to one of the two teams, working with their fellow adventurers to collect resources and weapons and build fortifications with the goal of eliminating all players from the other teams.

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3.Call of Duty Mobile

The Famous PC Or Console Game is Now Available For Android. Call Of Duty Mobile Has Many Modes Such As Story, Zombie Mode And Online Battle Royale Mode Which Work Same As Other Games like Pubg Mobile. In Most Countries, This Game Beta Version Is Available On Play Store, Pre regulations also start. This is the Best Battle Royale Games.

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4. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter Game is Much Similar Fortnite because of this game Graphics is Similar To Fortnite. Cyber Hunter Game Release on the month of April 2019. This Game Graphics and Texture is Really Good.

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5. Garena Free Fire

On number five in my list of best battle royale games is Garena free fire. It’s a survival shooter where you have 10 minutes on an island where you face 49 other players, the goal is to survive to get weapons, vehicles with a structured strategy, one of the differences of this title with the most famous is that it accepts minimum requirement the operating system Android 4.0.3., which makes it possible for more gamers to connect in this title. This is one of the games most similar to Fortnite and PUBG and without a doubt the best alternative to them if you do not have a powerful device.

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6. Rules of Survival

This game offers games of up to 120 players, with the goal of only one at the end, you can play alone, in groups or couples, being a copy of Pubg Mobile, a mobile game with certain limitations, but great fun. How its name indicates it is survival but with certain basic rules in a world without rules. A game that definitely could not miss in this top of the best games Battle Royale for Android.

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7. Survivor Royale

The basis of the game is to survive, something that Fortnite has made clear for some time, in the beginning we will parachute from a plane to an island where the pitched battle is its main attraction, either in a desert or the big city, the goal is to get weapons, equipment, and yes, be the ones that last longer standing with a gun in your hand. Whether you see it as a copy of Fortnite or a copy of PUBG, Survivor Royale is a game worth trying.

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8. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Imagine joining a PUBG game of Battle Royale with the cubism of Minecraft, that is exactly this title for our Android phones. You will be in the third person in a pitched battle where in 5 minutes you will have to be the last one standing, you have the same rules as the classic and known titles, but the fun increases with the world in pixels. If you’re a fan of minimalism this is one of those Battle Royale games for Android that you should not miss.

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9. Knives Out

In this Best Battle Royale for Android, we can perform battles with up to 100 players, it is also known as Wilderness Action, and the mechanics of the game is to be the last ones getting shelters and equipment to survive. The games can last between fifteen or twenty minutes, but there have been cases that extend by the quality of the players, something to rescue is that this game is graphically outstanding, that is, it is much better than some games. PC and consoles of this type.

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10. Grand Battle Royale

The last game in my list of Best Battle Royale Games is a grand battle royale. That tells you these words, Battle Royale more pixels on your Android mobile, fighting against other players who want to win, yes, we are talking about Grand Battle Royale, this title; which was adapted to mobile devices has large grounds and 100 checkered characters who will be fighting and gaining experience to be the best, of course, the final goal is none other than being the last one standing with your pixilated weapon in your hand and a smile on your square head.

If you were looking for alternatives to Fortnite and PUBG Mobile you have been satisfied, these 10 are so far the best games Battle Royale for Android.