Among us Tips and Tricks. The new media movement of 2020 is among us, with gamers using it as a pretence to hang out with friends or chat to strangers in a way that they have not been able to do in person.

You find out whether you’re a real crewmate or a killer imposter at the beginning of each session, and you have to either complete tasks to rescue yourself and your companions or kill your suspected friends one by one without being captured.

Although the game can be a lot of fun, it punishes you for not learning what you are doing and before you start to learn the ropes, you can waste an entire night being trapped or killed by friends. Here are some Among us Tips and Tricks to win the game, both as a crewmate and as an imposter, that you can use.

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Among us Tips and Tricks

Remember the tasks you’ve done

The first Among us Tips and Tricks is Remember the tasks you’ve done. All would look for the barest sign that anyone is lying after a body is found. So when people ask you where you were and who you were with be ready to reply immediately especially if when the conversation starts, no one was around to corroborate.

In our Among Us games, when anyone is suspicious, it’s not enough to tell in which room you were. People are going to ask which things you have specifically completed.

But instead of thinking, “I was in Electrical,” it’s easier to be able to tell “I was doing wires in Electrical” or I was doing trash in Storage.” That’ll help take the shoulders off false suspicion.

Part of the crew

As a crewmate, your goals are simple: finish your missions, overcome lethal sabotages, and sniff out impostors without yourself getting killed. If you’re killed, finish your duties and trust your teammates to solve the murder.

However to win the game, spot imposters, and keep yourself from coming under scrutiny, there are clear things you can do.

Stick with the crew, or strike it alone

The next Among us Tips is to Stick with the crew or strike it alone. There is nothing you can do to save them if an imposter tries to kill you. What you should do is try to make sure that the act captures them.

Based on the map, in most public places where there is a lot of foot traffic, you may want to start doing activities, because you are less likely to be picked off.

Then you’ll hopefully get a better idea of which players are innocent as the game continues, and you can use them as a buffer when in more distant locations you perform longer tasks.

Keep an eye on visual tasks

If you do a Medbay or Laboratory scan on all three maps, other crewmates will see it, thereby confirming that you’re not an impostor. That’s pretty well known, but you might not realise that other tasks will show innocence or guilt, assuming in the game settings that visual tasks are turned on.

The empty garbage or empty chute job in Storage visibly allows waste to be vented out into space in the fan-favorite map The Skeld. The transparent asteroids challenge in both The Skeld and Polus triggers a perceptible laser to appear if you fire.

Eventually, after a second player finishes the mission, the prime shields task in The Skeld triggers lights to turn on outside the ship, or flicker.

If a player is standing next to one of these responsibilities, but nothing happens, they’re most definitely trying to cheat you! And, if you see their innocence as a visible indication, cling to the one person you believe you can trust like glue.

Look out for “sus” behavior

Next Among us Tips and Tricks is Look out for “sus” behavior. It can be difficult to decide whether their conduct is harmless or bad while seeing your buddies in Among Us is your companion trailing you because they’re doing the buddy scheme, or whether they suspect you, or because they intend to kill you?

Have they run away from the party to carry out a private sabotage, or that they have one more mission to complete? In Among Us, being scary is kind of inevitable.

Some acts are hard to justify away, however. That’s pretty suspicious if a player is standing still, away from some assignment, right before a sabotage case. If a crewmate runs for a few seconds into a wall, they could be attempting to sabotage to escape suspicion whilst on the move.

When someone raced behind you just to break off when a third player turned up, they were probably hoping to kill you until they realized there was a witness. See any of this, and it might be time for an emergency meeting to be called.

Don’t ghost-watch until you finish tasks

It’ll be enticing to follow your killer around and watch the performance until you die. But do a favour to your living teammates and first complete your assignments.

When the living players repair it against all odds, games among us are ruined, just not to win and get killed because their ghost buddies didn’t bother to finish their duties out of spite or boredom.

You’re an imposter!

Among us Tips and Tricks

After a kill, find an alibi

Next Among us Tips is After a kill, find an alibi. Once a body has been identified, crewmates begin by asking “Where?” —meaning where the body was and where everyone else was.

If you mention that you were in the reactor room, only to tell your buddies they were there and you weren’t, you’re still practically in the lava.

Hope to watch the alibis of everyone else and take an unoccupied room, and they’ll hopefully find “sus” that nobody else saw you.

That is indeed why you should hurry to another room, hopefully through the vent, if you have time, and then find a crewmate to hang out with. If the corpse is identified, you can confidently say, “I was in Electrical with Red.”

We’ve learned that most people like to believe that a body was discovered immediately after the murder because even though you were with anyone for a brief while, people usually look for the impostor somewhere.

Or, if you can, lead a crewmate back to your kill

Perhaps the most devious trick you can pull off is murdering someone, venting out, picking up a friend, and then taking them back to the room you just left.

You’re going to get an eyewitness who’s going to vouch for you and have no idea you’d dare go back to the scene of the crime.

Disclosure: After seeing Grand POOBear pull it off, we were not devious enough to come up with this plan ourselves, but saw the genius of it.

Try buddying up with your fellow imposter

The smartest game is typically to break up and select two crewmates at a time: bodies are usually found fairly easily, and each conversation raises the risk of revealing your name, so you want to finish them off in batches.

Hanging out with your fellow imposter, on the other hand, will have its perks.

As a crewmate, anytime someone confronts or follows you alone it is frightening.

But if you’re confronted by two teams, you’ll presume that one of them isn’t trying to murder you with another spectator present, and hope that they’re both trustworthy.

So the more deserted areas of the map, you’ll be more inclined to accompany them.

That’s precisely the psychology you should take advantage of as an imposter. Join your baddie pal and then race about hunting for lone prey. Track them to a secluded location and shoot them, and then after the body is identified, you will vouch for each other.

If you and your partner are very ambitious, you can separate two players at once, wait for them to take on assignments, and then destroy them all concurrently before one of them realizes what’s going on.

Keep track of the number of survivors

Next Among us Tips and Tricks is to Keep track of the number of survivors. As the baddies can no longer be pushed out of the airlock, the game stops when the crewmates complete the task bar, or when there is an equal number of crewmates and imposters.

But if you play with two imposters, the aim is to reduce the total number of players to four. Ignore suspicion for long enough, and you will execute everyone in clear view of the other crewmates if there are just five players remaining. The game will end before they can report.

Keep sabotaging as a ghost

Even after you’re captured and killed, without caring about fitting in an imposter is free to sabotage you. The remaining imposter will also pull off a victory with your assistance.

The remaining impostor’s role gets even harder in Among Us late game: surviving crewmates who trust each other start staying in packs, but if anyone is killed, the players get rightfully blamed for their own.

And if anyone gets killed by an imposter, they’re left waiting for the kill counter to go down while the good guys are getting closer to finishing the assignments.

Thus, calming down and splitting the crewmates is your job, and allowing your companion time to finish their job.

Many saboteurs go for glamorous attacks such as reactor overloads, but do not underestimate locking doors; players will have to wait at least 10 seconds to flee or flip the door breakers, stalling while the kill cooldown of your companion decreases and while crewmates will not move on to the next mission.

And, attempt to switch the lights out which makes it more difficult to keep track of which teams stay together while one of them is absent.

Finally, an emergency conference could quickly reveal their lies if your partner is down to only a few hostages, so save sabotage in case you see a player moving for the big red button.

Kill in a crowd, or when crewmates are completing tasks

It just pays to gamble on a risky assassination. Mini task games take up about 80% of the screen and attract the full attention of players, so even if there are multiple crewmates in a room, you may be able to kill someone and vent away without anyone spotting you.

They will end up with no alibi until the remaining crewmate mentions the body, and crewmates who saw them with the deceased colleague will hopefully vote them out too.

A sabotage kill can be your last shot in the late game, as crewmates hold together.

All the crewmates will stand on top of each other, frantically flipping switches or spinning knobs as someone heads to Repair Lights or Communications; stand in the center of the party, kill a colleague, and stand your ground, and you can find that no one saw who did it to the exasperation of all the ghosts watching.

You might be able to reassure the survivors that she’s a liar, not me!” particularly though one person saw you doing the deed. ”

Memorize the maps’ tasks

Next Among us Tips and Tricks is Memorize the maps’ tasks. As we mentioned above, it’s tough for impostors to ask people what tasks they have just done when they haven’t been performing tasks!

They might say they were in Navigation, but they’ll have to try to recall what activities are open in that space until they’ve been asked what they’ve been doing, and any hesitation would be very suspicious.

And as soon because you’ve killed anyone, we suggest that you put together a mental list of surrounding activities so you should sprint away from your crewmates, so they don’t blame you.

Who’s the imposter?

Among us Tips

Among us Tips. “The heart of the post-murder debate is Among Us, where all the psychological warfare, interrogations, lies, and ominous “You’ll regret this! It comes into play with pronouncements.

Are indeed our tips for finding lies, fooling your mates, and most notably, making the games of Among Us more fun.

Play with friends and use Discord

At times, it can be fun to play with “randos” in Among Us but the text conversation menu is sluggish and inconsistent. “Everybody is spamming “where? When a body is identified, so their alibis and charges are tossed out.

If you are a sluggish typer, before you can tell them otherwise an imposter can declare “Yellow sus” and make people vote for you. And strangers also troll by saying that they’re the impostor to get voted out, basically because they’re angry that they haven’t been chosen as the impostor.

Jumping into a conversation with your buddies in Discord is the right way to play With Us. Mute when the “Shhhhh” screen pops on then unmute during talks and listen to the stories of your peers.

Everyone can get an opportunity to justify or explain themselves, even whether the alibi of an imposter is unbelievably unconvincing, or whether you can get crewmates to challenge each other instead of you, it’s still funny.

Kick out false accusers

Next Among us Tips and Tricks is Kick out false accusers. You should generally presume that at least one of them is guilty if Cyan swears that she saw Purple jump into a vent and Purple shots back that he saw Cyan murder White.

But if the impostor wants to cheat you into voting out an innocent citizen, your decision is clear, assuming you’ve set Confirm Ejects to On.

Trust the first person to stand up and vote out who they’re accusing. But if that guy turns out to be a crewmate, just wait before you can call a conference around the Emergency button, and then boot the bogus accused out before their kill counter resets.

Be ready to betray your fellow imposter

The last Among us Tips and Tricks is Be ready to betray your fellow imposter. If a crewmate says they saw Orange kill Blue, and Orange’s defense is unconvincing, he’ll be overwhelmingly voted out by the crewmates.

In the hope of saving him, you’ll be tempted to miss voting or pick someone else, but in doing so, if they’re marked as an impostor, you automatically identify yourself as suspicious.

However, if they’re captured, with no apologies, vote them out. It’s easier to get one imposter ghost than two. But on the other hand, you might play the “Gosh, I don’t know who to vote for if the debate is less clear-cut and you think the vote might be close. Card to see if, before you decide, the crewmates can give away their views.

So, that’s are some Among us Tips and Tricks which you can use to improve your gameplay. If you have any other Among us Tips so let us know in the comments.